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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

About topic 5: Miracles

The examiner explains:
"This topic considers whether miracles occur, and  if we can properly define them. It also explores the  idea that miracles are based on interpretation rather than real evidence, and as such are always subject to doubt and cynicism.
what do we mean by miracles? – something impossible, something contrary to the laws of  nature, something only God does;
does God work in the world through miracles?;
can humans perform miracles?;
examples of miracles from scripture, tradition, history and experience;
evidence of/for miracles;
the power of miracles in revealing God, and the qualities of God, such as benevolence, omnipotence, immanence;
the question of to what extent the acceptance of the existence of miracles leads to problems for the  believer;
Hume’s argument regarding the impossibility of miracles."

I Believe In Miracles

Do you?

Friday, 13 November 2015