Thursday, 27 February 2014

Is it really the case? Do Miracles exist? What is a "miracle"? Is it possible?

Do your part, try your best and keep revising! Don't expect that miracle in your GCSE result.

This time revise the unit Miracles !

You can have an overview of the Unit opening here.
You can watch clips with examples of Miracles - Ganesh drinking milk,  Joshua the Conqueror, 9/11 Stairwell BThe Birth of Krishna , Moses and the Partition of the Red Sea, Virgin Mary crying blood.

Read and learn about a famous atheist, very relevant for this unit, called David Hume who developed a whole set of ideas against miracles.
You can also watch clips about David Hume and a Philosophical movement he represents called empiricism here - Andrew Marr presents Hume's theory of Knowledge and here he presents Hume as a man "who challenged the Church".  Many thanks to BBC!

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